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Djerbakite is the only school on the island gathering all criteria which allow learning and improving kite surfing with total security

Our security criteria :

    Departure, landing and navigation area completely free. Easy access to the water.

    Navigation area (4km * 12km) forbidden for swimming or any other nautical activity (private beach).

    Lagoon without waves but with enough water to avoid any danger – nevertheless not deeper than 1.30 m so you can stand everywhere.

    Navigation possible and without any risk whatever the direction of the wind (Zodiac rescue boat).
Djerbakite is open all year

  The different training sessions we offer, allow you to progress at your own rhythm (Not more than 2 pupils per instructor).The kite surf lessons are possible for kids aged minimum 12 years.

  Our instructors are all very experienced (some of them teaching kite surf for more than 10 years) and bilingual (French-English, French-German).

Our school

The Spot

A lagoon of 40 km2 with not very deep water (you can stand everywhere), entirely dedicated to kite surf, guaranteed without waves and with only moderate wind, between 8 and 17 knots blowing essentially from the sea to the coast, allows learning without taking risks. During winter season the wind can force up to 25 / 30 knots.


Our French-Tunisian training centre “Djerba kite” corresponds to european criteria and safety standards requested for the set-up of a kite surf school :

  Under the wind of the starting / landing area, the ground is completely cleared,

  The navigation area is restricted for swimming or any other nautical activity,

  The school owns a zodiac for assuring the security and one person is exclusively dedicated to this task,

  All our instructors and navigating pupils are on radio communication together and with the centre, which allows quick intervention in case of problem.


Lessons can be given in English, German, French or Arabian.

For your comfort the school provides special slippers, a locker room for your clothes, a freshwater shower and toilets.

We especially take care of the environment and the beauty of the spot (cleanliness, aesthetics…) and there is a free shuttle service at your demand.

We guarantee a personalized service with maximum two pupils per instructor.

With each client we’ll establish a satisfaction enquiry in order to improve our offer according to the client’s requests.

Satisfied or refund! In case of dissatisfaction or if the client couldn’t follow the program due to bad weather conditions, the school guarantees the pay back of his fees.


We have set up a real program of progressive steps.
The contents of our training sessions are available on our web site. (click picture : Our Sessions )
Actually the client can check before the inscription what will be the program and which level he can reach.

The constant radio liaison with the client enables the instructor to advise him even if he is too distant for the voice.
Le plan d'eau
La sécurité
Liste des prix
Session Time Price Euro
Stage Kitesurf initiation Step1 & Step 2 2h 60
Stage Kitesurf beginner. Start the activity (Step 1-4) According to aptitudes 6h 180
Stage Kitesurf Evolution (Step 1-5) Start and improve 10h 300
Stage Kitesurf Autonomy (Etape 1-6) According aptitudes, guidance and handling of kite 12h 360
Special session
Internships and Coaching: Private Course 1h 50
Stage Straples: the Wave Board 1h 50
Stage Foil: Fly over the water (With boat traction) 2h 120
Material rental
Full kitesurf equipement (kite, board , Harnesses, helmet, Wetsuites, impact vest) 1h 20
3h 40
1 day 50
Kite (All sizes) 1 day 40
Board (Twin) 1 day 20
Bottes + Board 1 day 35
Straples (Wave borad) 1 day 20
Foil 1 day 50
Accessories  (Harnesses, Wetsuites, liche, impact vest, helmet) 1 day 10

Material storage

1 week 50

Material storage + shuttle from Djerba to our spot

1 week 70

Material damage insurance

Courses & Rental SUP
UP Training 1h 30
UP Rentals half a day 30

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